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One Bedroom Studios

Benefits of Living Off Rather than On Campus

College students have an important choice to make in living either on or off of campus. Although on-campus options come with a number of important benefits, the same can said of their off-campus counterparts.

For example, living off-campus in San Marcos, TX means being burdened with fewer rules and restrictions, which can be crucial for college students who find their on-campus living situation a bit too confining. Furthermore, choosing to live off-campus means having personal space since most Central TX apartments have a lot more room than housing facilities at Texas State University - San Marcos. Better still, said apartments come in a range of amenities and layouts, meaning that their occupants have that much more choice in their living conditions.

One Bedroom Apartments

One of the most popular options for living off-campus is the one bedroom apartment. Befitting their name, most examples of the one bedroom apartment come with a single bedroom that is separated from the rest of the space. Furthermore, most examples come with both a bathroom and a kitchen, while the rest of the space serves as both a living and a dining room. In short, one bedroom apartments are perfect for college students interested in extra space, so much so that most examples are capable of accommodating a couple of occupants. Although said apartments can be expensive for college students on a limited budget, their relative spaciousness make them viable even after graduation.

Studio Apartments 

In contrast to one bedroom apartments, studio apartments come with a separate bathroom, while the other rooms are folded into a single space. The result is small and compact but also efficient. In short, apartment locating will find that studio apartments are some of the living accommodations best suited to the needs of TxSt students.

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