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Kyle is a small yet beautiful city located in the Hays County in the state of Texas, US. Kyle has a population of approximately 30,000 inhabitants and it is currently considered one of the fastest growing cities in the state, along with San Marcos and other small cities that have managed to stand out. Kyle real estate buying has been on the rise lately, mainly due to the fast evolution of the city.

Brief History of Kyle

Founded back in the 1880 by Captain Fergus Kyle, the city has been constantly growing and evolving ever since – also, this is home to one of the most renowned writers in the United States, Katherine Anne Porter who also managed to win the much-appreciated Pulitzer Prize. As a matter of fact, the former home of the writer is now open to all those who want to visit it, and this is one of the most appreciated tourist attractions in the area. Numerous poets and award-winning authors throughout the years have visited the city, and it has become a place of great historical importance.

Restaurants In Kyle

Kyle has several notable restaurants where the locals and the tourists who consider investing in Kyle real estate can enjoy a variety of different cuisines – the Texas Pie Company, for instance, is famous for the delicious buttermilk and the chocolate pies, and for the comprehensive lunch menus.

Those who want to have a nice and quiet dinner in an exquisite and luxurious location can always opt for Bordeaux’s, a classy restaurant that is located right in the center of the city. Bordeaux’s serves a variety of dishes; including escargot and calamari although pasta and the fillet with Parmesan crusted shrimp are also commonly ordered. Milt’s Pit Barbeque is a great place for those who want to enjoy a fresh and authentic American barbecue, brisket or sausages.

Main Tourist Attractions In The City Of Kyle

One of the most common fears some people have when buying Kyle real estate is that they will get bored in a small city, but the tens of yearly events, meetings and permanent tourist attractions prove exactly the opposite. Taking the Central Texas Speedway as an example, this is by far one of the most exciting outdoor event venues in the entire State. Located several miles south of the Austin’s city center, this event includes tens of corporate events, car shows, concerts and everything outdoor enthusiasts could possibly wish for. There are over 3,000 stadium seats and places for vehicle parking, in addition to the high-tech conference and meeting room facilities.

Another tourist attraction for golf enthusiasts is the Plum Creek golf course that takes place on over 200 acres of country terrain. The golf course features no less than 18 holes and it is perfect for relaxing and enjoying this wonderful sport in a chill environment, away from the noise of the city.

The bottom line is that Kyle real estate is surely a great investment for those who want to move to a small yet continuously developing city and start a brand new life. The city is discrete and the friendly, warm and welcoming attitude of the locals who organize story-telling meetings on a regular basis certainly appeals to all the tourists!

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